About Us

About Us

Consultürk breathes new life into the Consultancy Inspection and Training Services. With our expert and experienced staff, we provide the fastest solutions to our customers in the most rational way. Our company, which is in favor of solution-oriented thinking system, establishes win-win partnerships. We provide consultancy and inspection services in our customs, foreign trade and exhortation fields to our companies operating in almost every sector.

In the globalizing world, it is obvious that the power of the knowledge and the point that it can take you.  You can be a well-known brand in a very short period of time, or you can be instantly impressed by an idea created from the most distant corner of the world. That is why we think that new technologies have created new ways of relationships, business models and methods in the world where everything is growing very fast and change is fast. For this reason, we are looking for new approaches and rational solutions, with an understanding of what the world is up to, what it takes to shape our future. Our company aims to establish a sustainable future with this awareness.

Consultürk establishes strategic partnerships with real or legal persons from all corners of the globe from a global perspective; with this cooperation we can see that trade is not merely a competition; at the same time, we believe that trade associations create strength and benefit.

We believe that our customers and our partners that we cooperate will be happy to work with us, and be ready to build a new future.

Our Mission

To carry this structure, that we have created with the power that we have obtained with my knowledge and work experiences, together to the indispensables of the sector.

Our Vision

To make our company unique and effective in its field is bringing a distinguished position among its stakeholders with its quality.

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