Audit Services

Post-control & Risk analysis audit

A follow-up inspection of the firms engaged in foreign trade on a specific calendar every year by the inspection department of the Ministry of Customs and Trade carries out. In these audits, inspectors inspect the commercial documents and internal records of the taxpayers to determine whether the customs procedures comply with the customs legislation; checks whether customs obligations have been fulfilled.
In these inspections, in case your company is faced with transactions that violate the customs and foreign trade legislation; according to detection administrative penalties may be imposed or judicial investigations may be instituted. Such results would both damage the reliability of the company and cause financial loss.
As Consultürk, in order for not to face with these type of situations, we make the after control audit as risk analysis audit and determine your possible risks. We provide how to mitigate these risks and ensure compliance of your internal operations with customs and foreign trade regulations and develop appropriate internal control processes accordingly. Therefore, we ensure that you have an in-house system that will confirm and certify that customs procedures are legally compliant and that the complaint is filed with the customs authorities.

Audits for Business and Social Security Legislation

The examinations carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Social Security Institution for the purpose of monitoring, supervising and inspecting business life are increasing day by day.

These examinations may be in the form of actual inspections at the workplace as well as in the form of examinations of the document and documents to be issued by the workplace in accordance with the laws.

In terms of the business and operations of our customers, we provide them to be ready of the audits of relevant institutions with primarily determining the possible risks, and when any audit happens, we again provide support every process of the audit


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