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Our Customs Question Bank book which is prepared separately for each subject in customs legislation is on sale soon ...
It is on sale with the compilation of Mr. Yücel KARADİŞ; 3 volumes in total, 3300 pages of customs legislation. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS: 250 TL
Product Safety and Control Communiqués + Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule + ANNEX Resolution on Import Regime Decision. Set of 3: 150 TL
Customs Legislation and Two Books You Will Choose Within Set (Tariff Schedule / Product Security / Import Regime Decision.) Total: 300 TL
In 2013-2014-2015 and 2016, the best-selling book in its category. Customs Question Bank prepared by Yücel Karadiş: 50 TL

Yusuf İrtan
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