Training Services


Training Services

Reach the success with us in Customs Consultancy, Customs Consultant Promotion Examination!

At the Consultürk Academy, we provide corporate training support. We have rolled up our sleeves to train qualified workers in the foreign trade and Customs Sector as experienced trainers. We train both well-trained and well-equipped individuals for our companies and customs consultancy firms that serve our companies.

Some of the biggest challenges for our Customs Consultancy firms in the sector are; to find personnel who are equipped namely has infrastructure, to train the personnel employed and to provide in-service training periodically. Therefore, we think that training in the customs and foreign trade sector is still a big deficit. For this reason, we support our sector as Consultürk; we train knowledgeable and equipped staff. We provide individuals equipped with many statuses from the customer representative, for import or export responsibility; from foreign trade expertise to customs or logistics operations manager; from the customs consultant assistant to the customs consultancy. Whether you are a new graduate from university or a person working in a customs consultancy for many years, you will definitely need training.

That is why, Consultürk ACADEMY will be honored to work with you and trained and ready to meet the training needs of the customs and foreign trade sector.

Yücel Karadiş – General Manager

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